Towards Individual and Collective Enlightenment

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Submission to the Citizens' Assembly in Richmond, BC

The Caretaker Philosophy


This concept has been suggested to the Lieutenant Governor and Chief Electoral Officer.

For my correspondence with the government, please see HERE.

This movement cannot occur without participation from a large group of voters. Thus, we need your input. Please study carefully the information on this website.

We are all crew on a spaceship called Earth, as Bucky said.

Let's enjoy the ride!

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Peter Pot Paper


Here is an example of the standard ballot form, but at the bottom we've added the N.O.T.A. Option.

40% of registered provincial voters didn't vote in the 2010 election

In the 2011 federal election 39% of registered voters didn't vote

What is the N.O.T.A. voter option?

Should you become involved?

How do you get involved?

What happens if you vote N.O.T.A.?

Caretaker Vision 1

Caretaker Vision 2

The Leisure State

& Pan-ethnicity

Planetary Peace

Free United Natives

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