August  1, 2000

Attorney General
Honourable Andrew Petter
Parliament Buildings
Victoria BC 

Dear Mr. Petter, 

Thank-you for your tardy (June 15th 2000) but generally supportive response to my letter of April 1 st 2000. I have spoken to a Mr. Toby Louie of your office (Head of Corporate and Public Issues), and have sent him by wire and fax, a copy of that letter since he has been unable to access a copy within your system. I also sent him my recent letter to Mr. Patterson to get him up to speed. I first contacted Mr. Patterson and alerted him, the Queen and the Lieutenant Governor in March of 1996.

I have three questions:
1. Will there be a review of the Elections Act before the Next Election?
2. Will there be Intelligent rewrite of the Referendum material in time for the Next Election?
3. Will you encourage Mr. Patterson and his office to research and prepare whatever changes are required (although as I read it, none are required), in order that a Non-Partisan People's Constitutional form emerges from the scandals of our corrupted Adversarial-Partisan past. This can be achieved by use of the N.O.T.A. Voter Option or similar superior electoral alternatives which may be appropriate in this evolutionary period. History awaits your intelligent response.

Thank-you for your attention.

Yours in the knowledge and love of truth,

John Allen West
# 8 Artburs Rd.
RR# 1 Homby Island BC
V0R 1Z0