From: John Allen West.
#8 Arthurs Road R.R.1
Hornby Island
British Columbia Canada.
Tel 250 3351276

May 5, 2003

To: The People of British Columbia
Her Excellency, The Governor General of Canada,
Her Excellency, The Lieutenant Governor of B.C.,
Editors of Local and Provincial Newspapers,
The Premier of British Columbia,
Attorney General of B.C.
Chief Electoral Officer of B.C.                                                                         S.D.G.
Mr. Gordon Gibson

Dear Sir or Madam,

Mr. Campbell’s insistence that electoral reform conform to the Westminster system raises the question whether without an official opposition his government has functioned under the Westminster system.

Has it not done so, the legislation of the last two years is open to constitutional challenge.

All of which I offer for your consideration in the spirit of Individual and Collective Enlightenment.

Yours in the love of knowledge and Truth.
John Allen West.