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John A. West
#8, R_R. #1
Hornby Island, British Columbia
V0R 1Z0

March 12, 1996 
EBC file: 84100-02

Dear Mr. West,

I wish to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated March 6, 1996 in which you inquire about amending the format of the provincial ballot paper to provide for a "NONE OF THE ABOVE" box.

I regret to inform that I do not have the discretionary power, as has been suggested to you, to unilaterally implement such a change to the ballot format. Section 86(2) of the Election Act - 1995 reads in part "Ordinary ballots must be prepared in Form 2 as set out in the Schedule to this Act ...". I have enclosed a photocopy of Form 2 for your reference.

To incorporate your suggestion into the democratic process has significantly greater ramifications than would be implied by the 'simple' matter of adding another box at the bottom of the ballot. To pursue this issue I would suggest that you have a couple of avenues to consider. The cabinet minister responsible for the Election Act, and who would introduce any legislative amendment to adopt your suggestion, is the Attorney General. You may wish to write to him and ask for his support.

Another alternative is through the initiative petition process under the Recall Initiative Act.  I have also enclosed some information on this process. If you wish more detailed information, do not hesitate to contact this office.

Thank you for taking the time to write with your thoughtful suggestion.

Yours very truly,
Robert A. Patterson
A/Chief Electoral Officer