April 29, 2003

From: John Allen West.
#8 Arthurs Road R.R.1
Hornby Island
British Columbia, Canada.

To: The People of British Columbia
Her Excellency, The Governor General of Canada,
Her Excellency, The Lieutenant Governor of B.C.,
Editors of Local and Provincial Newspapers,
The Premier of British Columbia,
Attorney General of B.C.
Chief Electoral Officer of B.C., S.D.G.

Dear Sir/Madam,

The current Liberal Cabinet of the Provincial Government of B.C., having chosen not to honour the rump of the NDP with “Official Opposition” status and resources, raises the serious question whether this Liberal Administration has been following the principles of the “Westminster Form” of Government. If this proves not to be the case, then a Constitutional Challenge to all of the legislation of the last two years is in order. This is not a joke or frivolous in any sense. I suggest the carpet-baggers drink up and head south.

May I remind you, this is still called BRITISH Columbia, and in spite of the fact we have a long way to go to achieve honourable settlement with indigenous people and an intelligent love and respect for our Mother this Earth and our Creator Father Sun, Ethical Principles still apply, as an application for Judicial Review before the Supreme Court of British Columbia, would no doubt determine.

All of which I offer for your consideration in the spirit of Individual and Collective Enlightenment.

John Allen West.