To Speak of Liberation

is to speak of Freedom, and that freedom is
freedom from oppression,
the oppression of confusion.

Confusion is
the inability to ascertain what is good - Godly -
in the human experience.

to free the soul
to be one with the Eternal. Liberation
from fear, which is
negative projection on the future
by surrender to
the benevolence of the Almighty Creator.

from the final slavery -
the fraudulent theologies of
money and power worship. The transcendental nature of
individual communion
with the eternal
leads naturally to a desire to share.

All religions seek to liberate
the individual from the bondage of self
and unite the soul with the Eternal. Institutionalisms,
and dogma
do not liberate.

Compassion, altruism, and eclecticism
may lead to grace. A state of leisure
is a prerequisite
for a planet at peace. Specifically:
a third world People
like Canada's, with the birth of this
Peoples' identity and intelligence,
could well lead spaceship Earth
toward a new quality of
cultural and spiritual experience.

A clear redefinition of theological
tenets, which could be adopted
by common community
understanding, would link
to the loric, aboriginal cultures and
would not find objection
within the theological constructs
of the invading races.

Root Lore is an attractive way
for a compassionate People to assert
its role in the planet's affairs. Common sense -
that which is commonly accepted,
is a powerful influence
in all cultures. A common sense statement of theology
for a new Canadian Ethos
could begin with the old loric view
"one is one
and all alone ( and all one)
and evermore shall be so.."

An undeniable statement
of the unity of the soul
and the universe.
The first duality
of two
in the old song:
"two, two the lily-white boys"
presupposes equality and difference.

Equal and different
is a profoundly appropriate manner
in which we -
individual soul-sense-selves -
should consider our fellows. A metaphysical
and aboriginal view
of mother earth
and father sun. Pre-requisites for the pro-creative processes
of nature.

Hard darkness
soft light
surface chemistry,
of which we are indeed,
all a part
equal and different. A surface chemistry
which is easy to equate
with the Holy Holistic Spirit. Competition for the means of livelihood
-products of the Malthus, Darwinian,
limited-pie, grab-it-and -hold it mentality
of the robber baron,
underlies the oppression,
of the industrial military complex.

indicates a no-blame alternative
to the few-do-all
or revolutionary
options. It posits evolution of the institutions
of religion and learning
to a state, wherein
individuals can express
themselves creatively,
unshackled from the slavery of ideologies
dogmas or cults of personality as

A planetary caretaker alternative
which views each individual
as equal and different
before the Creative Energy
Demands responsible people
recognize their role in
achieving local
self - sufficiency.

Competition in world trade
is an anachronism
which can no longer
profitably be tolerated
in the interests
of human safety. For example,
If Canada with its massive resources
became self-sufficient
and ceased all trade which
was not vital to the survival
of current trading partners
-employment in Canada would be a
leisurely affair,
-Robotization could proceed
at an appropriate pace. -Research, scientific and aesthetic
arts would be seen as creative opportunities
rather than as careers or jobs.

Other nations that desire to continue
the foolish game of competitive
world trade for the illusory
economic wealth symbol can go
right ahead. This country would reassert
the integrity of its products
arts crafts and skills.

We would import only those things,
which in production and exports
served the interest of the people, of our trading friend. Corporate Balance sheets,
national pride and such indulgences
would simply not be considered
as relevant factors for our distribution
of goods and services.

One nation adopting a leisure state
and freeing it's people from
profit - motivated and money motivated
and rewarding its people,
for their historic efforts
in peace and war
with the access to means
for the development of a
leisure culture
would begin a planetary trend
which would improve the
condition of all people
in all places
and who knows,
perhaps for all time.

To those who would counter
that a world without economic struggle
or struggle for dominance
would weaken the nature
of the species
It may be offered; that the planet
provides in its natural environment
more than enough
physical, aesthetic, spiritual,
mystery and adventure
to say nothing of space, and the opportunities
which lie ahead in that limitless field.

Babies will still be born without the ability
to walk, talk, or grasp
profound spiritual and intellectual truths. Education at a pace
will still challenge individuals
and wooden ships
on the water
will still demand
people of sagacity
and infinite resource.

Religions will continue to flourish
wherein they provide
opportunities for individuals to express
their collective
worship and appreciation
of the Almighty. Earth will still require
physical hard work of people,
but the right to life
for all species
and forms
should be respected
and will not be jeopardised
by the confusions
of the few
who would do it all.

Secular theories of the order of
Malthus, Darwin, Adam Smith et al
will inevitably crumble before the natural inventive
and compassionate
nature of the many. The blue-meanness
and dirty-tricksterism of the few
will inevitably pass away.