In the next few weeks, months, or years, Canadian voters will be asked to surrender their Sovereign choice-making Freedoms and indulge in a mass suicide of sanity, called euphemistically a General Election.

They will be asked and encouraged to evaluate party-selected candidates, who, once elected, transfer our democratic voting privileges to their Party Leaders, over whom the voting public has no further control.

These media-image figure-heads, many of dubious capabilities, have little or no understanding of and little use for the power of support which the People have pledged and allowed to be transferred to them.

They bow out of Visionary responsibility, the Visionary responsibility for seeking Public Consensus.It is common practice to hand the peoples’ current best interests, well-being, and the future of our children to a protected and hidden establishment, an establishment of a social/ corporate/economic class-ridden power structure, a virtual Idiocracy of arrested intelligence and greed-ridden mind-scapes.

They believe money is more important than life, and believe that going to war brings peace. From the back rooms of their selfish and  culturally-entrenched positions, they currently dictate how the general population should live its life. Big money runs Big business, which runs Big government. The Propaganda of these institutions encourage the People to remain divided in senseless inter-sex, inter-personal, class, sectarian-religious and small-business competition, for the often shabby symbols of material success. The alternatives are not simply to choose this current economic competitive Oligarchic Authoritarianism, or Anarchy. At this time, a rich and peace loving Land such as Canada can offer a golden opportunity to explore Evolutionary Political Direct Action towards Individual and Collective Well-being and Enlightenment. There is a broad spiritual base to Evolutionary Political Thought enjoyed in Canada by many responsible people who have adopted a Care-taking, Care-giving philosophy. Living out our highest selfless ideals, in creative harmony with our fellow planetary creatures, is our Commitment. If we can accept that a DIVINE will and benevolent force created us, seeing all life as the product of the holistic or holy Surface Chemistry between the prodigious Energy of what is our Father the Sun and the absorption and responsive life-giving chemical Capacities of Our Mother, This Earth,  then Common sense and common understandings can emerge. We are all in the same soup, rich and poor, all classes, all races, all species. Hundreds of thousands of people on the planet already live lives incorporating principles of Co-operative survival and Well-being, and many more would, if the opportunity to do so were made available. Today’s direction is for big Government and Corporate-controlled Media to demand. We will, with only token exceptions, dance in the game of competitive corporate capitalism. This is simply domination, power, and money worship - in effect, war, wage slavery, job-jockeying, and colonization.To counter this direction, it requires the re-assertion of individual sovereignty, thoughtful and responsible choice-making.

It requires free-thinking people everywhere to stand against the clichés of professional politicians and their parties, and to endorse the Equalitarian Principles of the N.O.T.A. (None of the above) Option, which are explored below.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I feel somewhat like Tom Paine must have felt when he wrote his history –changing pamphlet ”Common Sense ” (1776) which together with his ” Rights of Man” (1796) radicalized the colonists of the British North America, to such an extent that they declared independence and wrote a Constitution, based on Aboriginal Principles.The situation in Canada today is somewhat analogous to those historic times. Thomas Paine was a disaffected Englishman, who for some time in Government service had seen the underbelly of the brute force which sustains the aristocracy of birthrights.

Today that iron-fist domination is clothed not in leather but in velvet, and speaks with sweet words in reassuring tones, empty of reason or integrity. Lies, deception, hypocrisy, propaganda, and dirty tricks, are now so commonplace that many people accept them, not as evidence of serious moral and spiritual decay, but simply as “the price of doing business.”

What is this busy-ness? - that demands so much of the human family, pollutes our planet and our minds - if we are not vigilant. It is God-less Selfishness, Ego-driven Money and Personal Power Greed, the Few who would have it all; FEUDUAL warlordism. Incompetent eccentrics, having grabbed the powers of the common people by main force generations ago, sustain themselves by the simple miss-indoctrination of the values by which the mass of people are encouraged to think; an example: “It is better to be rich than happy.”

The present day guise of this lunacy is Competitive Corporate Capitalism. If we are to continue to use the money system as a tool, let us be sure to distinguish between Real wealth - which is: Health, Happiness, Home and Hope - and symbolic wealth, which is only a promise of exchange. As a species, have we not grasped the Visionary Certainty of a Planetary Peace - a Leisure State, wherein Individualism and collective Well-being can be sustained?

A multi- cultural society, as Canada has clearly become, demands a new Ethos of Equality. The matter of individual, ethnic, cultural and spiritual identity,  along with access to land, is the practical ground where the greatest social tensions arise. When we are able to see ourselves as One Planetary People,  with one Purpose, Peace, and Plenty, a Crew on a Space ship of Biological specimens, then we will be engaged in the process of Evolving, body, mind, and spirit, and we will be able to exercise our most Compassionate and Creative Capacities, Children of one Universal Life. We are Equal and Different, having much in common and yet unique, individually and collectively. It is a practice in science and technology to use random sampling to determine the qualities of any substance, mass, or mixture. I propose that Fundamental Reform of the Canadian Electoral System adopt a similar process, which uses the best elements of our current institutions and existing methods in an intelligent and evolutionary manner.To this end I propose the following as a first step.

A  Petition

a. We the undersigned, registered Canadian Voters, seeking relief from political confusions of both the left and the right, being intent on the establishment of a Caretaker Government, through People’s Direct Democracy, call upon the Governor General of Canada; to instruct the Chief Elections Officer to provide on the Ballot paper, in the next election, a box marked "None Of The Above.” The purpose of this as an alternative to current options; spoiling a ballot, or not voting at all, is self -evident. The NOTA VOTER OPTION, in a straightforward and practical way, makes effective political access available to competent and thoughtful voters who, with very good reasons, do not approve of any of the current candidates, their leaders, or party platforms. Voters Randomly Selected from this pool would likely represent an intelligent cross section of the general population. 

b. To this end, we the undersigned, registered voters of British Columbia being intent on the establishment of a Caretaker Government through Peoples Direct Democracy, call upon the Lieutenant Governor to instruct the Chief Electoral Officer to provide on the Ballot form, in the next election a box marked, “None of The Above.”

c. We further Petition that Their Excellencies instruct the Chief Electoral Officers to frame A Random Selection or Lottery system from amongst those voting NOTA, so that gender, racial, ethnic, economic and religious bias may be avoided. This will require both a man and a woman to be selected from any Constituency with a NOTA Majority.

There is wide concern that the adversarial nature of the partisan parliamentary system effectively discourages intelligent good management of collective affairs.

There is an opportunity to evolve our system of representational government beyond the existing corruption, collusion, and evident political advantage taking. The principal of random selection pre-supposes women and men voting NOTA to be both capable and willing to serve, trusting themselves to act honorably and honestly in the role of representatives, having rejected the adversarial partisan approach by voting NOTA.People who vote NOTA would be committing themselves to continue to be informed participants in on-going democratic discussions leading to official polls and referenda. Modern information technologies enable official government polls to be easily available. Many more people would keep themselves informed, knowing that they could be selected for constituent representative responsibility, however long the odds.  An individual selected to serve would have the option to step aside if, for any reason, they felt unable or incapable of carrying out their duties at the time. This voluntary quality of willingness to serve would encourage people who, although they felt unready to fill the role themselves, would none-the-less prefer randomly selected representation as an alternative to party selected candidates. For many, it would represent reaffirmation of their desire to vote and their essential trust in the common wisdom, which prevails in Canadian Society. It would also be wise for youth from the age of 12 to be included in this process.Secrecy in the election process would be retained by revealing the identity of only those selected for office from the pool of NOTA electors.

In the event that a simple Majority of Constituencies elect NOTA representatives, then a CARETAKER Government comes into being.
In a multi-cultural society, this random selection system and regular referendum response from the community would cut through many of the perceived and often very real ethnic and cultural biases. It could very well provide a new sense of equality and an opportunity for final resolution of the issue of honorable settlement with Aboriginal Peoples.In this society which claims egalitarianism as a legitimate human expression of the Divine Will, it is common for people to see themselves as children of one creative source. Under the Elections Act, both federally and provincially, any registered voter is eligible to be a candidate.

Therefore random selection would be an honorable and logically consistent way to choose constituency representatives for cooperative consensual caretaker government. In these times, when many Canadian people are familiar with lotteries, this would not be a surprise or be unwelcome.

The primary purpose of any democratic Government is the Well-being of the People, through good management of Collective affairs.
A CARETAKER Government takes on the further responsibility of exploring the Dynamics of the Consensual Evolution of Society. This can be achieved by Regular Official Public Polling to establish Priorities, and Referenda where Significant Changes in Law or Public Policy are indicated by such Polls.