Rev. Brother John Allen West, C.O.U.
#8 Arthurs Road
Hornby Island BC
VOR 1ZO Canada

Respected Sir:

As one called by his Creator to assist his fellows to effectively achieve their particular ideals, I feel obliged to write to you.

In your case, Mr. Prime Minister, it would be fair to assume you would like to leave Office with a sense that you have left the People of this Country more United and Prosperous than when you came to it. One can similarly assume that you would like to be remembered as Courageous, Good, Intelligent, and Compassionate and as a smart end-game player. I therefore humbly suggest you begin the process to end the prohibition of my Blessed Sacrament Hemp at The United Nations, and at the next sitting of the House. Cultivating a plant, given to us by the Creator for all our needs is not a crime, never was, never will be.

I offer this in the Spirit of individual and collective enlightenment.

J. A. West